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a platform for youth economic empowerment

Closing the Gap

Closing the Gap initiative, which brings together the business sector, private schools and GPS, aims to bring the world of work to life for students to help in their career choice.

Areas of Expertise

Career Guidance

A journey on which you develop to make mature and informed decisions


You can accomplish much when inspired by a purpose beyond yourself!


The constant hunger for making things better

Channels & Solutions


We work closely with students, teachers, and school administrators to help students in their school succeed and make positive decisions to support academic and personal development.


We offer a Specialized, solution-driven training that can help your organization develop a more strategic, efficient and competitive workforce.


Building the capacity of individuals and the preparation of human resources to both organizations and their beneficiaries  as well as developing their skills.



We connect students together because we believe they can get help best from people who were in the same situation as them. GPS’ students network gathers young people from all over the world and enables them to share advice and receive information about life across different campuses and universities worldwide.


We connect our students with universities and colleges around the world to facilitate their search for educational programs. We believe that the quality of information gathered is crucial so we choose trustful partners who can support our youth with good guidance and quality of information.


Our Corporate network aims to provide students with the experiences required to succeed in their future work environment. We have partnerships with corporate in Egypt and around the world that are willing to provide valuable information and are ready to welcome us in field trips & visits.

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